The Firstaidfoundation (FAF) supports autism projects The Autism Multifocal Istitut Project (IMA), created in the city of Recife-PE Brasil, was to improve the quality of life through children, and other age groups, with Autism Spectrum (TEA), as well as families and / or legal guardians. Our team is multidisciplinary, made up of Speech Therapists, Psychology, Nutrition, Massage Therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy and Social Assistance. EMA Project Founders: Betânia Almeida: Degree in Speech Therapy and Pedagogy. Postgraduate studies: Psychopedagogy. Systemic Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy. Postgraduate student Institute. AiltonSebastião da Silva: Graduated in Nursing, Massage Therapy, Degree in Biology, MBA in Hospital Management and Specialist in Teaching Methodologies in EAD, Postgraduate Institute. Sandra Regina de Lima: Graduated in Psychology. Post graduate student Institute. Janecleide Queiroz de Oliveira: Graduated in Psychology.Post graduate student Institute.