Low Cost-Housebuilding-Systeme with Swiss Cell (Honeycomb)

Through the technology of Swiss Cell AG in Switzerland, we are able, in Africa and other third countries as quickly as possible to install houses in the low cost range, which are urgently needed. Check out our demo movie and find out about our partner Foundation in the United States of our ongoing projects in Africa.

Präsentation of schoolproject DR Congo need intern Help

Here you can see our first contact with the chiefs of the Congo Occidental region, where we will create the first school projects and the first hospital with the Swiss-Cell Technology. We need your help…

Brasil TV show talks about FirstAidFoundation Website

The First Aid Foundation (NGO) is officially listed since the beginning of 2012 at the UN as a humanitarian institution. Mr. Michael Grohmann and his team with current six Ambassadors and Pledge Delegates of Blue Cross are officially listed and volunteer for the foundation. The association is exempted from tax by the tax office in Berlin Charlottenburg (official donation receipt).

In 2005, in the UK the Adopt A Minefield was founded with support from the UN. The background and the idea was to draw attention through minefields by music events with international musicians and VIPs to the catastrophic circumstances in the war zones.

Through years of contacts worldwide with VIPs, Mr. Mike Grohmann was jointly supported by the United Nations as godfather “Sir Paul McCartney” acted at that time married with Heather Mills (which as an ambassador of the Adopt A Minefield UK), organizes various music events in Germany, where donations were forwarded directly to the United Nations to several minefields in the former war zones .Mr. Grohmann achievements were recognized by the Blue Cross organization in UK as Ambassador and Pledge Delegate in 2012. He received the official diplomatic status for various African countries where he has been leading within the architect projects in humanitarian areas. Along with well-known musicians, minefields were purified by donations more than 7 years ago and for people habitable again. After the divorce from Heather Mills, our patron Sir Paul McCartney pulled back as a sponsor of the AAM. The post of Vice president then took Mr. Avramopoulos which headquartered in Rosenheim still exists and operatest. Mr. Gromann founded then the Firstaidfoundation headquartered in Berlin with new statutes which were extended in humanitarian aid as delivering and creating low-cost houses the Third World, agricultural aid, water treatment programs and energy solutions. The closed partnership with the famous “NGO First Aid Foundation USA” brought financial support for the association in Germany. So First Aid Foundation eV is working since 2010 with the support of currently more than 1250 members in the humanitarian field. See for yourself what we already achieved in that short time, and what we still intend to do.