Who are We

The foundation that makes a difference.

Already in 2012 Sir Mike Grohmann founded today under the name FAF Firstaid foundation.org a worldwide known foundation, which is active in the social humanitarian field. Mr. Grohmann has experienced through his decade-long world travels the direct contact in the poorest regions and already in the 70igern years with own means small projects were founded, so later a large collection at HUMANITÄREN projects were seized which can be financed now with own means.
So micro projects are like in India or Vietnam South America and Cambodia already in work or in the final planning.
The Engl. Ltd. FAF. Investment Holding acts here as a financial partner of the foundation which controls the financing and keeps it alive.
Thus, for the year 2023 to 2025, more than 100 projects worldwide have already been registered by the UN and classified as "Social Humanitarian".
The projects already approved by the Foundation amount to more than 30 BI USD.

Under the PROJECTS button you can inform yourself about the status of each project and also give IN the respective block your experiences or tips.


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