Through our numerous self-implemented and supported projects we help directly where help is needed. A handshake is enough! We help and not just talk about. Help us with your donation!


Through our projects, we not only help in the short term, but also help with long-term developments (eg creating low-cost houses, agricultural aid, water treatment programs and energy troubleshooting).


We are very keen to improve education in developing countries and the third world. In the long term, the region can help with their trained professionals themselves. We don’t want to create dependency, but providing lasting solutions.

Our Mission

Social Field, Social Technology

Organized on a voluntary basis projects across different areas, for example, required to cover the basic needs are as well as support for such technologies, which are suitable for a wide audience


Projects for the production of various goods or services

Energy, Recycling

Projects mainly in the field of renewable energy, use of new technologies and the use of waste for the production of gasoline, diesel and electricity and electricity storage

Agriculture, Nature

Projects for the production of vegetable and animal products, taking account of recognized standards in terms of sustainability

We support projects all over the world, where they are needed




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