Algae project

Ikarus Institut GmbH, represented by Joachim Schröder, owns the technology and will organize and operate this industrial production facility. In the first step, around 400 qualified jobs will be created. The plant supplies the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, animal feed industry, cosmetics industry and will be the world's first certified organic plant.

All leading experts have agreed that the algae market growth will be far above any known market trends for the next years and far into the future partly until 2050

Key datas of the plant:

Plot size:             100,000 square meters

Plant size:           70,000 square meters

Type of plant:    greenhouse

  • The system produces microalgae of the types chlorella and/or spirulina in closed water tanks.
  • The dried biomass with 5% residual moisture is urgently needed by the food, food supplement, pharmaceutical, animal feed and chemical industries.
  • The patented daylight system and a specially developed LED lighting in combination with a targeted supply of CO2 from our own CHP plants ensure a 24h/365-day harvest situation.
  • The work within the plant requires clean room conditions, since bio-certified algae biomass is to be produced here.
  • For this reason, safety and air pollution control systems similar to those used in the meat processing industry are installed within the building.
  • The system has a neutral to positive CO2 balance. 
  •  For safety reasons, the system will supply itself with electricity independently. An energy mix of solar, wind and waterpower and a gas or oil power plant operated with, which will also provide the required carbon dioxide

Everything that is produced from petroleum can also be made from the oily parts of algea.

Humans breathe in air - breathe out carbon monoxide

Algae breathe in carbon dioxide - breathe out oxygen


1. Executive Summary

Regarding the close future there are several environmentally relevant tasks that need a sound economical solution:

  • Increasing environmental damages caused through CO2 emissions
  • Shortage of fossil resources that need replacement by alternative renewable raw materials
  • Limitations of arable land due to competitive situation between energy plants (oil) and crops (the „tank or plate“ principle)
  • General difficulty of optimizing renewable resources at minimum environmental footprint.

The introduced concept provides a turnkey and sustainable solution to the CO2 issue. Within this holistic concept the CO2 is not only reduced or disposed, but used as a raw material for the production of new organic biomass. 

It is scientifically verified that micro-algae provide the ideal basis of renewable crude materials in the close future. The targeted market during the first phase is in the area of raw substances for the pharmaceutical and nutritional industry. After saturation of these markets further market segments are available like animal alimentation and the fuels market segment with almost unlimited requirements. 

The common problem of „tank or plate“  is avoided by this concept because no agrarian landscape is required for production. The production of the algae biomass occurs industry-oriented in greenhouse-style installations.


2. Essence of Project

This technical algae breeding concept has been developed over a period of 9 years and has been empirically tested under recognized laboratory conditions since 6 years and continuously further improved.


Business Model

Production of lipids and amino acids containing microalgae through application of CO2 as fuel.

As well as:

 The further processing of amino acids to crude materials for the food industry and the lipids (fatty acids) as raw material for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. 


3. Product and Service

  • Implementation and operation of large-volume photo-bioreactors that efficiently utilize CO2 in order to stimulate algae biomass growth.
  • Application of not yet utilized feedstock CO2 that is being emitted profitless as pollutant by worldwide operating industries. The project has a permanently well-adjusted CO2 balance
  • Production of algae biomass and herefrom excellent crude materials, particularly aminoacids and fatty acids for the pharmaceutical and nutritional industry, 
    High quality oils and fats for the chemical industry. Special oil-fractions for the cosmetics and health care industry. Special proteins for the nutritional supplement industry, particularly for athletes. 


Service for the customer

  • Industrial corporate clients:
    The client obtains a domestic, cost efficient and reliable supply of crude material either as raw material or partly processed as semifinished product with certified quality. 

  • Trading partners:
    Commercial trading partners obtain a domestic, cost efficient and reliable supply of marketable trading goods in certified quality.


Service for the market

  • With this product the markets obtain an additional source of strongly needed crude algae biomass. This represents an environmentally saving resource that the industries may sustainably utilize. 
  • This does not only relate to processing companies, but also to: 
  • Intermediate traders
  • Retailers
  • Wholesale dealers


4. Market analysis and competition

Current Market Volume

  • There is a considerable requirement of raw materials both Europe-wide and worldwide from: 
  • The chemical industry
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • The food processing industry
  • For athletes nutritional supplements
  • The animal food industry
  • Renewable energy source

Due to the fact that the algae products market is a very dynamic growth market all current market data are continuously increased. Examples for reliable data are shown below by selected citations. Just only the actual annual demand of single off-takers is rated respectively with 5,000 – to 6,000 tons. 


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