The following Proposal will demonstrate how our Group of Companies (Empire Group), intends to manage and fully invest a project budget of €120 billion EUR of cleared funds, as provided by our investor-clients, and via the financial operations of Project Galileo LP (to be formed).

The purpose of this large sum of investment capital is to bring about a fundamental, positive change to the economies and societies of Europe. This important undertaking, encompassing all of its financial, organizational, and cultural elements, has been named PROJECT GALILEO.

Empire Group’s macroeconomic goal is to utilize our ample budget to fully implement Project Galileo as a Financial Engine™ to first develop, then drive, the future Economy of the Republic of Italy, achieving 100% economic stability and sustainability for this Country, and the elimination of unemployment, within a 7-year period. We will then utilize said Financial Engine™ as a stimulus for the entire economic infrastructure of the EU Region and the Countries of Greater Europe, implementing strategic investment programs in one country at a time.

The budget for Project Galileo will be divided among 12 mutual funds managed by Empire Group (the Funds ), each of which, within a 7-year period, will apply for listing on international Stock Exchanges. Each Fund will consist of €7.5 billion EUR, except for the City of Science Fund, which will be capitalized with €30 billion EUR.

The 12 Funds will be matched with 13 charitable foundations (the Foundations ), also an integral part of Project Galileo. The Foundations will be formed primarily to benefit the European Population and Environment, but will also support more universal causes. Each Fund of Project Galileo will serve as a sustainable Financial Engine™ for each Foundation, providing 10% of its gross revenues, in perpetuity, to each of these carefully managed NPO’s. The City of Science Fund (the largest) will support 2 Foundations: (i) the University of the City of Science

Foundation; and (ii) the Mediterranean Innovation Exchange (a junior stock exchange described hereinbelow). The other 11 Funds will support just one Foundation each.

The implementation of Project Galileo will further require the rapid building of two important elements:

  • (a) the hardware: the City of Science, a strategic development project to be located facing Gulf of Taranto in Italy; and
  • (b) the software: a collegium of the 200 most talented people ever assembled in modern times, to be known as the Savants, who will both guide, and participate in the execution of, Project Galileo.
    Project Galileo LP will engage Empire Group to manage its 12 Funds, and, in addition, will initiate a subcontract with a sophisticated Security Company which, as part of its duties, will protect the integrity of the sensitive research and development activities to be conducted within the City of Science.

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