Social Field, social Technology

Organized on a voluntary basis projects across different areas, for example, required to cover the basic needs are as well as support for such technologies, which are suitable for a wide audience

The Firstaidfoundation (FAF) supports projects in Índia, Índia/New Dehli (Índia)

from 07/2018 expected till 07/2019

The Firstaidfoundation (FAF) supports projects in Índia “SEE HOW WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFES OF CHILDREN CHALLANGED OF THE STREETS. First Aid Foundation, India, is Sister of First Aid Foundation Germany and is non-governmental, social development organization that has been providing support to those in need since 2013. In the heart of every child is a hunger for a loving home. Not just hungry for food, a place to sleep, which he/she can call a home. We the First Aid Foundation, of India located in Hyderabad, in the State of Telangana, have adopted an existing Orphanage of “40” girl children out of which there are 10 with HIV infection, every year we sponsor the children, buying them clothes, books & stationery, and donate bags of rice and other cooking items on behalf of our foundation. We have plans to grow and construct a large Orphanage which can accommodate and educate at least a thousand children both boys and girls. This orphanage shall be a self-sustaining home for the orphan children; which includes a working farm, can grow vegetables and certain fruits and they will be educated in technical education, so they will be able to stand on their feet, when they graduated from High School and can build their lives and help other children like them in the future. “


from 03/2018 expected till 03/2019

The First Aid Foundation (FAF) supports projects in Brazil The First Aid Foundation will launch its first projects in Brazil. The city of Recife, capital of Pernambuco, was selected by the Foundation to give this land the green light. The main reason this first project is to improve the lives of children and adolescents in need. The project, which we support, is a sports center for old and young of the Asian sport TAEKWONDO. This project will support children and youth from disadvantaged societies with school, medical and martial arts training to improve the future and education of children and adolescents participating in this project. This is a project led by Mr. José Rildo Jeronimo Da Silva. Our two project managers for this region are Mr. Italo Kaio J. Da Silva and Mr. Bernardy Eric from Recife.


Projects for the production of various goods or services

Mining project in Canada. Extracting nickel and stainless steel, southwest /Canada (Canada)

from 04/2018 expected till 04/2019

Mining project in Canada. Extracting nickel and stainless steel The mining project is located in the southwestern part of Canada, the reserves of which this project consist of 50% nickel (Ni) and the remaining 50% stainless steel (Ni + Fe) mixed in their natural state. Because of its proximity to the port and its favourable climatic conditions, this means it can be extracted year-round, which is not normally the case in Canada. There are other projects that can extract only half a year due to climatic conditions. The proved reserves of 200 million tons to a portion of 0.25% nickel per ton. The in-situ value of the reserve is around $ 6 trillion. As with all mining projects, the beneficiaries are the inhabitants of this environment, which in turn, due to the opening of jobs and improvement of living conditions be it the road, the infrastructure, etc. which in this project are quietly improved to work with this extraction technology. More than 2000 people with direct and indirect work, nationals and foreigners in this environment will work here. The extraction itself, depending on the technology being implemented, yields results two years after launch and then generates daily resources.

Agriculture, Nature

Projects for the production of vegetable and animal products, taking account of recognized standards in terms of sustainability

Water cleaning system with Micro algae breeding system, Vietnam and Cambodia (Vietnam and Cambodia)

from 02/2016 expected till 12/2017

Production of micro algae in a high efficient breeding system. Maintenance of the technical equipment. Operating of a own system for energy supply of renewable energy for a positive energy balance. Integration of equipment for partial refining the biomass and end products.
Man power of more then 1200.

ALPAG Micro-Algae, Germany, Europe (Europe)

from 11/2015 expected till 11/2020

Environmentally sound Cultivation of highly pure Micro-Algae in a controlled closed Culture System under Quality Management Standards ISO 9001 and HACCP (ISO 2200 Series of Standards)

Intensive orchard establishing and development of apple/fruit, Vinnytsya region (Ukraine)

from 09/2015 expected till 12/2018

The projects are intended to grow fruit and out of it to create minimum 2.500 new jobs for people in rural regions where there is no possibility to have a reasonable income through a job for an honest human being. Growing fruit asks a huge number of employees for hand work

Energy, Recycling

Projects mainly in the field of renewable energy, use of new technologies and the use of waste for the production of gasoline, diesel and electricity and electricity storage

Waste treatment to clean energy, El Rancho (Guatemala)

from 09/2015 expected till 12/2025

In the center of a strong reforestation and agricultural region initiator can convert any organic matter, be it cellulose based natural biomass or synthetics like plastics or tires. As airlines are obligated to use 15% synthetic kerosene already rising to 50% in 2050 there is a huge demand for synthetic kerosene and rather no supply so far. This would have a strong impact on the reduction of fossil fuel in aviation. Finally the employment of roundabout 680 permanent workers plus supporting 2000 workers in the feedstock producing industry will have a significant impact on a region with poor employment options.