Bio-zander indoor plant

The Art.Xandria GmbH & Co KG with seat in D-07338 Leutenberg , Hauptstraße 2, managing director Angela Gernhardt
will establish a subsidiary mbH indoor fish farm at a suitable location in Spain
Managing director will be Mr. Udo Gernhardt he will build a high quality organic pike perch farm. This plant has in
a production volume of approx. 1,000 t per year in the first stage of development and is to be expanded at a later date to a
to be determined size of approx. 2,000 t to 3,000 t per year.


Vision, mission and guiding principles
Fresh and therefore healthy edible fish is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity. The demand for fish as a foodstuff is
is steadily increasing due to the consumers' attitude towards healthy nutrition. On the other hand, the supply is steadily decreasing due to years of overfishing, increasing environmental pollution and global climate change. Art.Xandria GmbH & Co KG would like to make a decisive contribution to a healthy and sustainable supply of people with high-quality food.
supply of people with high quality fish, especially pike perch, in Europe. Thus an important counterweight to the exhaustion of resources by overfishing and the change of natural habitats. natural habitats. The concept of the Art.Xandria GmbH & CO kg was already in practice in several smaller Aufzuchtbetriebe successfully unoccupied.
In these plants the Zander grows up exclusively biologically, without ideas addition of chemical substances such as 
antibiotics etc. For this purpose, self-contained recirculation systems have been developed and successfully used in practice for several years. which provide the pike-perch with optimal living and growing conditions.

The concept of Art.Xandria GmbH & Co KG has already been successfully unoccupied in practice in several smaller breeding farms.


Supply and service profile and technology
In this project, the pike-perch are bred from stocking fish to finished food fish, in various required
in different required delivery sizes.
The speciality of the plant is given on several levels, here one has a singular breeding farm
compared to other offers on the market. With this breeding facility for pike-perch one has a
certified organic fish, which is guaranteed to be free of any environmental impact due to the
environmental pollution. The technology and the know-how have already been tested more sustainably for about 10 years and have been successfully used in
successfully implemented in several smaller fish farms in Germany. With this technology it is
given that each modularly built breeding unit has a separate water treatment. This avoids
the transfer of possible contamination to the other stocks, offers the rearing fish a significantly better water
water quality and thus produces a better tasting pikeperch at a consistent level.


Branch, market and target groups
This fish farm forms a separate industry. With this indoor facility, regardless of the season and weather conditions
high-quality organic fish can be supplied at any time throughout the year at the customer's request.
Target groups are upscale restaurants, wholesalers, retailers and end users. Further customers
are these international retail chains. The demand from these customers already exceeds the delivery possibilities of this
the delivery possibilities of this breeding facility.
In addition to direct marketing, there is the problem of selling the production volume via an affiliated fish trading company in Germany.
Germany to be able to sell the production quantity.


Competition and positioning
There is no other company in Europe that is able to offer rearing pike-perch in this dimension. The mentioned smaller rearing plants, which operate with the same technology, each have an annual capacity of up to 25 t. These could also produce certified organic pike-perch, but so far there is no capacity and no economic viability for a certified organic pike-perch. capacity and lack of economic viability for certification, which together with this commitment would then be would be possible. Therefore, a cooperation is offered to these plant operators via the fish trading company mentioned. cooperation is offered.

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